During a stay on the bigger of the two Skelligs Islands, Skellig Michael, I took quite a number of photos of the famous early Christian Monastery, the lighthouses and of course the stunning nature around me on that precious Skellig Rock in the Atlantic Ocean. I followed the light from Dawn to Dusk and now I want to share my impressions with you...

Skelligs Monastery
Skelligs Nature
Skelligs Lighthouses

Enjoy and feel inspired to go to the Skelligs by boat on a calm summer´s day. It is a journey of a lifetime!
There is quite a mystical flair about these rocky islands, Skellig Michael, the bigger one and Little Skellig, a barren rock that comes to life in summer with thousands of breeding seabirds. Even only seen from the mainland they inspire some peace and joy only to watch from afar. Whenever I come within sight of them they almost take my breath... you can find more photographs and articles about Skellig Michael and the Skellig Islands on my blog or in the Photo Gallery on this website