What you can expect to learn

What you can expect to learn
The Landscape Photography Holiday is targeted at advanced photographers and beginners alike.
The tuitions will be hands-on and individual about such things as:
-good composition
-understanding exposure applications in semi automatic or manual modes
-shooting RAW, pros and cons
-sharpness and depth of field
-understanding colour temperatur and white balance
-the use of shutterspeed to make flowing water look still and smooth
-the use of filters
-how to avoid camera shake
-taking images to create panoramas and HDR images

We will shoot at different locations every day, sometimes very early or late, depending on light conditions and also have some editing tuitions in a modern computer lab, learning how to use editing software like PhotoShop to maximise your imagesĀ“ potentials.
You will learn how to
-improve exposure
-enhance colour and contrast
-straighten the horizontal line, crop and sharpen your images
-apply filters such as black and white conversion

Some Courses are without Computer Editing due to time frame or facilities, but you can always bring your laptop with any editing program and I can help you individually.